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Coconut Milk and Lime

Coconut Milk and Lime


Take me to North Queensland, walking barefoot on the cool sand, coconut trees overhanging on a pure white sand. The ocean is the clearest of blues and it's calling you in. A drink in hand taking in the intoxicating crispness of Lime and the cooling sweetness of Coconut, this blend will take you there. 

A mix of beautiful organic coconut milk and oils mixed with pure Tahitian Lime Essential Oil. Of all the soaps in the Coco Noosa family this would be the best for a sensitive skin, big bubbles and super moisture. Can't take a holiday to the tropics, jump in a shower with this cake and you will think your there

  • Returns

    No returns or refunds offered at this current time due to Covid 19 and hygeine reasons. If you dislike the product you choose we can only apologise, we do wish you could smell and see before your puchase but in a changing world and our markets closed, I can only produce the best for you and your family

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